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Explore Anthony’s boundless creativity through a diverse range of projects, events and collaborations


Guitar Alchemy Anthony Garcia 2

Guitar Alchemy

Explore the magical world of the guitar with interactive lessons for players of all ages & styles
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Bris Asia Festival 1

BrisAsia Festival

Brisbane's biggest cultural festival, BrisAsia Festival returns in 2024.
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Sounds Across Oceans 2

Sounds Across Oceans

SAO is a new arts organisation bringing worlds together through music and the Arts.
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Soniclines 2


Acclaimed vocalist Tyrone Noonan, didgeridoo legend William Barton and virtuoso guitarist Anthony Garcia join forces to create Soniclines, whose boundless music weaves a tapestry of intricate guitar lines through to cascading vocal melodies and masterful didgeridoo.
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Sons Of Garcia 1

Sons of Garcia: Sketches de Yucatán

A new ensemble featuring virtuoso jazz trumpeter Gabriel Garcia and renowned guitarist/composer Anthony Garcia. The father son duo embark on their first artistic collaboration paying homage to their Mexican/American heritage and their shared passion for improvisation, stylistic experimentation and world fusion.
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Desert Stars Dancing

Pulsating rhythms and ethereal textures of William Barton's didgeridoo blended with the soaring melodies of Anthony Garcia's guitar. The Desert Stars has toured Australia to critical acclaim. CD available now.
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Reggae Man 2

Guava Beats

Trance out to a new sound scape blending electronic music with soulful guitar themes.
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Convergence: The Science, Art and Spirit of Compassion

“Convergence” is a collaboration between renowned classical guitarist Dr Anthony Garcia, and highly regarded clinical psychologist & speaker Dr Stan Steindl. CD available now.
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Breathing Underwater: Short Film Collaboration

Breathing Under Water is an abstract dance film evoking the transformative power of breath and the emotional symbolism of water through the movement of body, sound and vision. The visual canvass created in collaboration with Randall Wood, Bo Dechcamp, performance artist Brian Lucas and producer Jennifer Garcia is supported by a musical score performed and recorded by Anthony Garcia.
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Explore the magical world of the guitar and learn to play guitar with Anthony Garcia

Discover a range of fun and interactive lessons for players of all ages, stages and styles.

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