Enjoy the following free sheet music downloads of Anthony Garcia compositions:

                    FREE SHEET MUSIC DOWNLOADS

Guitar Solos (beginner to intermediate level)

Happiness (beginner – no tabs)

Sueno Atlantico (intermediate – no tabs)

Advanced Guitar Solos 

Skyflyer (Listen to excerpt)

La Folia (Listen to excerpt)

Malili Dreaming (Listen to excerpt) 


Solo Guitar Sheet Music

From the CD Skyflyer:

The Tyalgum Suite 

I Tyalgum (listen)

II Vista Concordia

III Oceania 


V Dance 

From the CD Malili Dreaming:

The Turn Around (Listen)

Guitar Ensemble Music 

Meridional for Guitar Quartet (Mexico, 2003) 

Ulysses Blue for Two Guitar Orchestras and Didgeridoo

Chamber Works

Stories D’Aguilar for string quartet and guitar

Songs from the Divine Wilderness for Guitar and Violin

World Music Fusions

Spring Nocturne for Latin Harp and Guitar 

Three Sketches for Guitar and Shakuhachi 

Kakehashi for Two Shakuhachis’, Koto and Guitar

Arrangements for Solo Guitar 

Jazz Arrangements

Take Five (including improvisational techniques and strategies)