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THE CELLAR SERIES 2018 Concert #1 Celtic Sea

15 August
2639 _ Cellar Series 2018 Poster_01

An invocation of the Celtic spirit this special concert features the soulful artistry of Scottish fiddle expert Emma Nixon in concert with guitarist/composer Anthony Garcia. The program will include a selection of haunting Scottish and Irish tunes arranged for violin and guitar alongside original works by Garcia, contemporary Celtic music and Irish Baroque works by […]

Cellar Series – Concert #1 CHAMBER SECRETS

27 September

Chamber Secrets sets the scene for a musical evocation of the stories and secrets that shimmer through the walls of Brisbane’s oldest surviving residence, Built in 1846. Featuring violinist Dan Russell from Australian Art Quartet with guitarist/composer Anthony Garcia. Set in the sandstone cellar the program will feature works by Bach, Pagnanini, Garcia improvisations and […]

Sounds Across Oceans – The Back Story

23 November

Introduction My music-making history is dotted with divergent experimentation across a range of styles and performance platforms from pub rock to jazz bars and concert halls to makeshift performances with Mother Nature as the backdrop. The different styles and performance scenarios often required a different mindset, approach, technique, method or instrumentation. It wasn’t always easy […]

The Language of Music: How improvisation enables us to speak back

03 September

With spring in the air it seems an ideal time to reflect on the new directions my research is taking. Since I completed my PhD I have been involved in a range of research projects that have been directly impacted by the improvisation method I teased out in my thesis. This method, which emerged as […]

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Sounds Across Oceans @ ITAC2

14 June

I will be presenting an IOP (Illustration of Practice) at the upcoming International Artist Teacher Conference ITAC2 co-hosted by the Creative Industries Faculty, QUT and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.  My presentation is based on a two week workshop I ran at the University of Khon Kaen in Khon Kaen Thailand June 2013. It was […]

A New Year

04 January

Interpretations of traditional Mayan mythology speak of major shifts throughout 2012 in the lead up to a new era, signaling the end of the world, the end of time and the beginning of a new cycle of life. We are all pretty familiar with the Christian version of how time and spiritual unfolding compound in […]

The Thailand Tour

24 August

AMI Events and the Australian Embassy, Bangkok are proud to present “HUCKY Eichelmann and ANTHONY Garcia Thailand Tour 2011”. The tour will take place between August 15 to September 3, 2011 in Bangkok and other provinces throughout Thailand. The tour features the highly acclaimed talents of classically trained guitarists, Hucky Eichelmann and Anthony Garcia in […]

Maria De Buenos Aires – Brisbane Festival

24 August

Anthony will be performing with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra members as part of The Brisbane Festivals Maria de Buenos Aires performance…. Cherie Boogaart, star of Maria de Buenos Aires, has earned glowing reviews – not just because of her beauty and fantastic legs, which are mentioned often, but for dancing a ‘mean tango’. This is […]

Encore Performance – Desert Stars Dancing

19 April

William Barton, Anthony Garcia and Delmae Barton will be returning to the beautiful Tweed Valley to give an encore performance of Desert Stars Dancing on Saturday 21 May 2011 @ 4.00pm in the Tyalgum Hall. Due to popular demand the trio will be performing works from their CD Desert Stars Dancing, as well as some […]

William Barton and Anthony Garcia with Sepcial Gues Aunty Delmae Barton

09 December

Saturday 26th February 2011 @ 7.30pm Two free spirits of the OZ music scene unite for a very special concert, launching their new CD Desert Stars Dancing. Experience the pulsating rhythms, soaring melodies and lush harmonies of the guitar and didgeridoo as the ethereal sounds of these timeless instruments dance to create a soundscape that […]

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