A New Year

04 January

Interpretations of traditional Mayan mythology speak of major shifts throughout 2012 in the lead up to a new era, signaling the end of the world, the end of time and the beginning of a new cycle of life. We are all pretty familiar with the Christian version of how time and spiritual unfolding compound in epic fashion. Believing these things or not is not so important to me. What is, however, is the idea of shifting in our day to day lives from a place of fear to one of love.

We all know what shifts are, we experience them everyday in our moods as our emotions ebb and flow in response to a kaleidoscope of thoughts and unconscious energies that permeate our being from many dimensions. Being alive to the process, transcending (in what ever way suits you best: meditation, swimming, chilling, laughing, getting lost in a creative endeavour) the fearful, negative and self serving thoughts that see life as a linear time driven phenomenon is more important than focusing on drama and catastrophe. The transcending process brings us into line with a wisdom that ancient cultures acquired many years ago: timelessness = freedom = the transcendent.

We come closest to freedom when we sense our timeless nature. When we do what we love with passion time collapses. We must continue to search, experiment and discover that which draws our love and passion. That is my new years holiday wish to everyone: have an amazing, creative 2012 filled with love and light.